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Rep. Matt Schaefer

Texas House of Representatives
District 6

State Representative Matt Schaefer has broad and unique experience in the private sector and in public service. His work ethic, family life, faith in God, and commitment to country led Matt to be a strong conservative leader for East Texas.  Matt is currently a Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. Navy Reserve and in 2010 he served in Afghanistan near the Iranian border with a Provincial Reconstruction Team. As a civilian, Matt is self-employed working on private business ventures in real estate, oil and gas, and legal transaction work.

Born and raised in Texas, Matt and his wife Jasilyn are proud to make their home in Tyler.  Jasilyn currently directs the Apache Belles of Tyler Junior College and serves as the Past-President of the Apache Belle Gold Alumni organization. Matt is a member of the Rose Capital Chapter of the Military Officers Association, and he and Jasilyn are both active members of Green Acres Baptist Church.

Growing up during hard financial times meant Matt learned to work at an early age. His first job was at 13, when he and his older brother, Sean, hoed weeds in peanut fields for minimum wage. Throughout high school, Matt worked mowing lawns, fixing fences, hauling hay, and sacking groceries. After earning a degree in Finance from Texas Tech, Matt was employed in Tyler by U.S. Senator Phil Gramm, where he spent a lot
of time listening to citizens and gaining an understanding of the problems they face. Upon Sen. Gramm’s retirement, Matt joined the Navy Reserves while attending law school at Texas Tech, where he graduated with honors.

After law school, Matt’s professional life has included the following: serving as a military officer in Afghanistan and at CENTCOM in Tampa, Fla., running a small-town legal business where he helped clients with a variety of legal needs, purchasing real estate for investment, working for a small oil and gas company, and advising the chairman of the Texas Sunset Commission, where he worked on major bills dealing with the Texas Department of Insurance and the Texas Department of Transportation. He also previously served as the director of Senator John Cornyn’s regional office in Tyler covering 35 counties.

During the 83rd Texas Legislature, Matt was proud to serve on the House committees for Defense and Veterans Affairs and Criminal Jurisprudence.  Matt focused his legislative work on fiscal responsibility, and protection of life, liberty, and economic freedom.