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Leon Evans

The Center for Health Care Services
President and Chief Executive Officer
Bexar County Mental Health and Substance Abuse Authority in San Antonio, Texas

For the past thirty eight years, Leon Evans has worked tirelessly to improve the lives of people with mental illness. As President and Chief Executive Officer at The Center for Health Care Services, Evans has developed an innovative and highly integrated system of care for people in the San Antonio community who struggle with mental health disorders. Utilizing strong community partnerships and diverse funding sources, Leon’s programs have created an effective public safety net that keep people with mental illness out of emergency rooms, jails and prisons and link them to treatment programs that help them lead independent, productive lives.

As President/CEO, Evans has developed a number of nationally recognized initiatives including the Bexar County Jail Diversion Program; the 24/7 Crisis Care Center; Crisis Intervention Training for public safety officers; and The Restoration Center, an integrated clinic providing psychiatric care, substance abuse services, transitional housing and general health care services for the homeless population. Each year, these programs save thousands of lives and result in millions of dollars of cost savings for the community.

Under Evans’ leadership, The Center for Health Care Services has received many awards, including The Center for Medicaid and Medicare (CMS) Innovation Award for the integration of health care within behavioral health services, the American Psychiatric Association’s Gold Award for Community Program Innovation and the National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare’s Service Excellence Award.