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John Ramsey

Businessman and Libertarian Philanthropist
John Ramsey is an angel investor, venture capitalist and philanthropist from Austin, Texas. After many years of mentorship under his grandfather's wing, John became fascinated by entrepreneurship and innovation. With ventures in technology, oil and gas, real estate, education, consumer products, sports, beauty and entertainment, John now spends most of his time empowering early stage companies and fellow entrepreneurs. Along with his investment activity, John is involved in various charitable and non-profit organizations, all of which are designed to promote liberty, freedom, peace and prosperity. John regularly speaks at millennial conferences, varying religious institutions and politically affiliated organizations around the country about the virtues of a society based upon libertarianism and the principle of non-aggression.

John is most notable for founding and chairing a Super PAC called Liberty For All. Liberty For All dedicates its efforts to expanding civil liberties and economic freedom by winning the hearts of young people and minorities. Due to its electoral success of winning more than 75% of races, Liberty For All has been named as one of the most effective national political action committees in the country. Since Liberty For All’s inception, John has been dubbed the “youngest power player in American politics”, as well as “a posterboy for how wealth, politics and freedom can coexist to the benefit of all”.