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Hon. Ernest Gay

City of Sandy Oaks
Mayor Pro Tem

Born in Oakville, Ontario, Canada in 1953 and immigrated to the United States in 1955.  I Became a United States Citizen in 1961 when the family moved to San Antonio.  Graduated from Highlands High School in 1971 and Entered the San Antonio Police Department in January 1973.  Later that same year I married Diana Cortinas Gonzales and we just celebrated our 41st anniversary, we have two sons.   After retiring from the Police Department in 1997 we moved to our present home in what is now Sandy Oaks Texas.  We believe in and live a debt free, sustainable lifestyle on 5 acres by growing much of our own food and we have a small flock of chickens & turkeys. I would like to see our new city follow this same model by paying for what we need as we obtain the funds.  

Sandy Oaks was incorporated by citizen vote in May 2014 and the council of 5 Alderman were elected in August 2014.  At the first council meeting I was elected Mayor Pro Tem by the seated council.  This same council voted unanimously to NOT impose any ad valorem taxes for 2014.  I would like to see our community set their budget by matching spending to income and never try to match our income to our spending as that is not sustainable.